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AKA Yogoslavian Shepherd

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Sarplaninac, Yugoslav Shepherd Dog, Shar Planina, Sarplaninec, Sharplanina
Sarplaninac puppies for sale
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Sarplaninac Information
Sarplaninac is a large breed of dog from Macedonia. They work as shepherd dogs, used in North America to protect herds from vermin such as coyotes. The Sarplaninac coat is dense, about 4 inches long and comes in a variety of colors. This breed is very loyal to its owner, reliable, protective and highly intelligent.
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Manitoba, Canada
Dauphin, Manitoba
Sarplaninac puppies for sale

Sarplaninac puppies for sale - UKC Registered (a.k.a. Yugoslavian Shepherd. If you are looking for a large guard dog, protection or livestock guardian, this is the breed for you. Very loyal dogs, with natural guarding instincts, but are very independant thinkers. Not for beginner dog handlers or city life. Can be registered with the Rare Breed Association.

Stockbridge, MI
Sarplaninac puppies for sale

Sarplaninac puppies for sale in Michigan - This breed has been used as a livestock guardian for centuries and will bond with family as it will with flock. Fantastic blood lines and excellent guardian instincts.

Lonedell, MO
Sarplaninac puppies for sale

Sarplaninac puppies for sale in Missouri - UKC registered Sarplaninac Shepherds.  Our goals are to breed quality Sarplaninac dogs and further the understanding of the breed.  This breed has been used as a livestock guardian for centuries and will bond with family as it will with flock.  All dogs will be familiarized with livestock.

Fallon, NV
Sarplaninac puppies for sale

Sarplaninac puppies for sale in Nevada - The Sarplaninac is a great LGD/Farm Guardian. The dam is blonde in color. She is lean, and graceful in her movements. The sire is a heavier type Shar. He is incredibly powerful through his chest and neck. Both the sire and dam display the fierce guardian insticts.

Toledo, OH
Sarplaninac puppies for sale

Sarplaninac puppies for sale in Ohio - UKC registered. Parents both imported from Eastern Europe. Excellent livestock guardian/property protectors.

Hop Bottom, PA
Sarplaninac puppies for sale

Sarplaninac puppies for sale - Our goal is to produce the best in the breed, maintaining the original, pure bloodlines of this ancient breed. They are from a lineage of flock/herding guardian dogs and will be familiarized with sheep & goats; as these are a rare ancient breed our goals is to preserve their heritage, bloodlines, and instincts as magnificent guardians. Located in Pennsylvania.

Quebec, Canada
Montreal, Q
Sarplaninac puppies for sale Sarplaninac/Yugoslavian Shepherd puppies for sale in Quebec - At its finest, regarding both the original Sarplaninac guardian character and the top showing qualities. Stemming from the oldest surviving working lines, the breed purity, physical capacities and health prospects thus being maximized, both parents are also descendants of World, European and State champions. UKC and ARBA registered.
Westford, VT
Sarplaninac puppies for sale

Sarplaninac (Shaplaninnec) puppies for sale in Vermont - The outstanding parents of these pups come from the premier breeding program of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia in the Balkans, the region of origin of this magnificant, rare breed. They are without equal in courage and tenacity as working livestock guardians.

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