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Puggle Information
Puggles are a hybrid of the Beagle and Pug breeds. They mature between 15 and 30 pounds and come in a variety of coat colors and markings depending on the parent dogs. They tend to be a high energy dog, so daily exercise is beneficial. Though known to be affectionate, Puggles will follow their noses when out and about, so walking on a leash is a must.
Houghton, Iowa
Zip: 52631

Denning Farms is a multi- family farm. We care very much about our puppies and their well-being. We take pride in finding a good home for them. We have a brand new building for our puppies. They are with adults and our children most of the day. They are part of our family. We enjoy each and every puppy and we know the love, affection and laughter that they will bring to their new families. If you are interested in the possibility of adding one of our puppies to your family or if you just have a some questions feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone. We look forward to and welcome the opportunity to chat with you. Check back often for updates.

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Puggle Description

Description: Puggle is a hybrid that is a cross-breed of a Pug and a Beagle and may demonstrate any combination of traits from those two breeds. The Puggle tends to be wrinkled, short, and stubby.


Height: 10 - 17 inches

Weight: 13 - 18 lbs

Colors: Most Puggles are fawn in color

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