Collecting Vintage Dog Jewelry February, 2010

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This month we're honoring both Presidents Day and Valentines Day. A little dog jewelry for the heart and dog trivia for the brain.

If you're in a shopping mood, and just want to sit at home, why not consider buying a present for the animal in your life!

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Animal Trivia:

Who was this past U.S. President, and what was the
name of his dog?

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newsletter for the answer.

Collecting Vintage Dog Jewelry

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Boucher dog pinHow much do you love dogs? How much do you love jewelry? Can you imagine putting these two loves together?

Well thousands of people do just that ~ they collect vintage dog jewelry!

Jewelry items most commonly found with dog motifs are pins (aka brooches), pendants (for necklaces), cufflinks, rings and stick pins.

Dorothy Bauer dog pinHow and what should you collect? First and foremost buy what you love! Secondly, purchase the best you can afford. And finally, condition is vital. Try to buy items that are as close to perfect as possible.

People tend to collect vintage dog jewelry either by breed of dog, by the type of item (for example, someone might only collect pins), or by the maker.

Cartier dog pinSome of the most well known / collectible costume vintage jewelry manufacturers are Coro, Eisenberg, Monet, Rebajes, Schiaperelli, and Trifari.

Fine jewelry makers include Tiffany, Cartier, Dior, and Kramer.

Kenart Borzoidog pin Individual jewelry makers of note are Dorothy Bauer, Hattie Carnegie, Miriam Haskell, Alexander Korda, Henry Schreiner, Lea Stein, and Joseph Warner.

Other highly collectible jewelry manufacturers are Avon, Boucher, Sarah Coventry, Castlecliff, Florenza, Gerry's, HAR, Hobe, Jonette Jewelry Company, Joseff of Hollywood, Juliana, Krementz, Lisner, Napier, Panetta, Robert, Staret, Weiss, and Wiesner.

Terrier dog charm Vintage dog jewelry was made out of sterling silver, gold, bakelite, celluloid, lucite, enamel (on metal), plastic, wood copper, pewter, and ivory. It was adorned with rhinestones, hand painting, mother of pearl, gemstones (rubies, emeralds, diamonds), and marcasites.

Monet dog pin Trifari poodle pin Mexican silver Scotty dog pin

Cyber Fiber

Vintage Jewelry on the Net

Any collecting interest is best started by researching what you like. The internet is a great place to begin. Then, of course, there are many books in print on vintage jewelry ~ read, read, read. The more informed you are, the less likely you are to either overpay or to buy a reproduction.

If you enjoy getting out and going shopping, then go to antiques shows, antique stores, flea markets, consignment shops, and auctions to look at jewelry in person. Or, you can stay at home and browse the internet galore!

The Jackson Jewels website has an extensive list of jewelry makers and their history.

Great articles on jewelry designers and vintage ads and catalogs can be found at the Illusion Jewels site.

The center column on MorningGloryAntiques website has extensive research information on jewelry.

And CollectorsWeekly is a nice site to find articles, auction items, shows, and events for jewelry buying.


Himalayan cat

Himalayan Cats : not named after the mountain range!

The origins of the Himalayan cat might seem confusing at first. The simplified version is that it is a cross between a Persian and a Siamese.

They have long lustrous coats and vivid blue eyes.

They come in 20 colors, most with "pointed patterns": that is, the darkest color is only on the extremeties, such as ears, tail, feet and face mask.

Their body type is "cobby": that is, they have a broad round body, a broad head and shorter legs.

Also called Himmies, they were named after the coloring in Himalayan rabbits (and possibly goats), by the way.

If you want your very own cuddle machine - this might be the right cat for you!

Stephen Baker:

"Of all the toys available, none is better designed than the owner himself. A large multipurpose plaything, its parts can be made to move in almost any direction. It comes completely assembled, and it makes a sound when you jump on it. "

Animal Trivia Answer:  President Herbert Hoover and King Tut

President and Mrs. Hoover AP Photo

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