Dog House Architecture September, 2009

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The days of picnics with hot dogs and potato salad are quickly moving into days of helping your children with homework projects. And your puppy is fast growing into a dog that needs a new house. Right? Feel free to window shop the best in designer dog houses shown below... and then perhaps just settle for buying a great, yet sophisticated, dog bed!

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Dog House Architecture

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The history or evolution of the "dog house" is sketchy at best - and as it turns out, not a lot happened in the execution of new designs until the 20th Century.

In Ancient Egypt (about 4500 BC) dog houses were made of mud and bricks.

Sir John Soane's design for a dog house In the late 1700's, Marie Antoinette had her Papillon's doghouse in Versailles lined with turquoise silk ~ topped off with a removable domed lid.

In 1778 Sir John Soane (a famous English architect) worked on at least two designs for doghouses - neither of which were executed - but they would have been grand!

In the 1800's elite kennels were constructed to house purebred dogs. And, pitched roof dog houses came into vogue.

Starting in the mid 20th Century, our imagination went wild and dog house designs became architecture.

Whether you call them pens, kennels, dog houses, or doghouses ~ these are sure to at least raise one of your eyebrows!

One Jackson square dog house      Slovakian architectural dog house
One Jackson Square New York dog house             Vallo Sadovsky Architects pod in grass

dog house in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright      Retro 50's style dog house      modern wood dog house
        Architectura                            Eddie's Room                        Dog Dwelling
      from PreFabPets                      by Pet Project                    from Modernobject

dog houses with sustainables roofs            green dog houses with sustainable roofs            potted plant romanesque dog house  
    The Dog Barn                           The Green Woof                             Roman Pot
from Sustainable Pet                from Johnson Squared                      from Leifers

                    dog pup tent                        dogloo's in alaska
      Tee Pee Hound Lounge from WagWear                        Dogloo's (in Alaska)

    outrageous pet palace          prarie style architectural dog house           Marie Antoinette style dog house
           Pet Palace                               Prarie style                              Marie Antoinette
from MacKenzie-Childs              Johnson-Peoples Architects        from Beyond the Crate

designer dog caves            porcelain dog travel caravan and dog house
                    Browning Passage                                             Porcelain caravan
            by Scottie's Fine Art Caves                              by Marco Morosini for Bosa

Cyber Fiber

Public Libraries

Not many of us are fortunate enough to have access to an outstanding public library.

Although these resources aren't the same as holding a great book in your hand - they do offer up a true world of knowledge for those willing to explore them!

The Internet Public Library ~ Contains a searchable index of sites, collections by subject, almanacs and other reference tools, magazines, research tools (called Pathfinders), and and interesting special collections section.

The New York Public Library ~ They have over 200 free databases, listed alphabetically, available to everyone.

Your Local Library ~ many libraries have websites. On these sites you can renew books, put books on hold etc. Did you also know that often you can access great databases through their websites? Sometimes the information is available to all - other times you simply log in with your library card.


Manx cat

Manx Cats : A tall tail ! (NOT)

If you own a Manx cat, you are sure to know if it is a "rumpy", a "rumpy-riser", a "stumpy", or a "longy". The rest of us probably remain clueless, until informed that these are the 4 classifications of tail length possible within this breed. It is not true that all Manx cats have no tails - it's just the "rumpies" who don't.

Like many cat breeds, the history of the breed is often murky and filled with lore. This breed comes with a "Noah-closing-the-Ark-door-on-its-tail" story. That's pretty hard to prove one way or the other! We do know that the Isle of Man has been home to the Manx for centuries.

They come in many colors, short or long hair, and are powerful jumpers because their hind legs are longer than their front ones.

If you already own a dog (or two!) - a Manx might be a great addition to your family - as they get along really well with other pets.

Jim Davis:

"Way down deep, we're all motivated by the same urges.
Cats have the courage to live by them."

Animal Trivia Answer:   Krypto the Superdog

Krypto and Superboy

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