The Dog in American English Expressions June, 2009

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The dog days of summer are fast approaching. Have a picnic and put your dogs up. Make a pinwheel and go to a 4th of July parade. Come up with your own really bad dog pun!

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Animal Trivia:

What's the name of Jack Lalanne's dog?

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The "Dog" in American English.

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The word "dog" is used in so many expressions and idioms in America, that it is truly amazing! Sometimes the slang is regional to a specific part of the United States. Occasionally, expressions have originated in other coutries and have come to mean something totally different here.Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Do you know what all of these mean?

He's in the dog house.
It's better to let sleeping dogs lie.
It's gone to the dogs.
It's a dogs life.
I am dog tired!
She's sick as a dog.
Dog gone it!
Please - not another shaggy dog story!
Don't be doggin me! We're in the dog days of summer.
They're the top dog in that company.
He's running with the big dogs now.
Hot Dog!
Hot Diggety Dog!
I have to go see a man about a dog.
What is this - a dog and pony show?
Every dog has his day.
Not a dog's chance in h---.
Hair of the dog might make you feel better.
My dogs sure are barking!
Please - call off the dogs!
It's a dog eat dog world out there.
Yep, he sure is meaner than a junk yard dog.
She's puttin' on the the dog for that party.
Man, it's raining cats and dogs out there!
What a hang dog look! Why keep a dog and bark yourself.
That person is a dog faced liar.
That book has a lot of dog eared pages.
World War II saw some famous dog fights.
Why do you have such a hang dog look on your face?
Don't be doggin me!
I've been workin' like a dog today.
He's like an old dog with a bone.
You simply can't teach an old dog new tricks.
Every dog has its day.

Cyber Fiber

It's hot - the kids are out of school - and BORED!! Here are some great - totally free - things for your kids to do!

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July 4th things to make ~ a pinwheel ~ a wreath of stars ~ neat stuff out of salt dough!


Singapura cats

Singapura Cats : They might "drain" you!

The bad pun above comes from the theory that this breed of cat originated in the drains of Singapore, and they definitely need the attention of people!

Sepia Agouti! No - this is not a command to bark at someone. It is merely the designation of the acceptable color for this breed. This translates to "dark brown ticking on a warm old ivory ground color".

Yes - controversy exists over the origins of the breed - but these gorgeous and delicate looking cats don't know that. Pura's are extremely loveable. Owners of these cats simply can't imagine NOT ever having one of them around. Perhaps no longer considered rare, they are still not available in great numbers - so their owners do feel priveledged.

See the wonderful Singapura cats on!

Louis Camuti:

"There is something about the presence of a cat...
that seems to take the bite out of being alone."

Animal Trivia Answer:   Happy and Jack Lalanne

Happy and Jack Lalanne

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