Got a Tricky Dog? October, 2008

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It's been a rough month news-wise - so we're offering you a few minutes of feel good time with this newsletter.

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The Adventures of Jonny Quest

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Animal Trivia: What was the name of this dog?
(for the roughly "over 50" crowd!)

Go to the end of the newsletter for the answer.

Got a Tricky Dog?

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Need something uplifting in your life? Want to super-charge your exercise routine?
A couple of bucks and some great Fall weather are all you need.

A dog and his disc Think "flying discs" - the Frisbee kind, not the UFO kind. There's actually a sport built around this - it's known as "disc dog" and it can include toss and fetch events, longest catch events and freestyles choreographed to music.

The breed of dog doesn't matter - and neither does its size - nor yours for that matter. A little patience and a little wind and you're on your way. Flying discs come in many sizes and materials - find one that works for both of you.

First get your dog interested in the disc - hold it with one hand and try to get your dog to play with it. Slide it around in circles in front of the dog and let them pounce on it. When they seem to like that, then try rolling the disc (on its edge) for a short distance to see if they will chase it and bring it back to you. And after that's mastered, staFlyind dogsrt throwing the disc gently, for short distances, at a low height so that your dog doesn't have to jump to catch it. That's all there is to it!

Want to find a local disc dog event to watch? Go to Google and type in "disc dog yourstate" or "disc dog yourcity" - and you should be able to find something near you. These clubs and competitions are everywhere!

Turn up the volume and get inspired with this video!

Cyber Fiber computer smilie

Yes, you have just enough time to search the internet for that perfect Halloween costume for your dog. Whether you buy them online or make them yourself - they are all equally bizzare.

halloween doghalloween dog halloween dog halloween dog

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Maine Coon cat


Maine Coon : Those paws were made for walkin'!

Males can easily weigh in at 18-20 pounds, making the
Maine Coon cat one of the largest size breeds. They have beautiful long hair that is water resistant - built for that Maine weather! Their paws are large, round, tufted and often polydactyl. They are also cat-MENSA candidates - having above average intelligence. And tails the size of large feather dusters...

Robert A. Heinlein:

"There is no such thing as 'just a cat'."

Animal Trivia Answer:   Bullet, The Wonder Dog (AKC name Bullet Von Berge)


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