Got a Polite Dog? August, 2008

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Purchasing an animal can be a major investment. Choose wisely when deciding how you are going to pay. Ideally, both the seller and the buyer should be protected. Ask enough questions so everyone feels comfortable. When in doubt, it's good to have things in written form ahead of time. And mostly, enjoy your new pet!

Maxwell Smart and Dog As always, here at and we value your opinions and enjoy hearing from you.

Until next time,   Dean Hamill

Animal Trivia: Can you name the dog from the "Get Smart" TV show?
(bonus points if you know his "agent" number !)

Go to the end of the newsletter for the answer.

Got a Polite Dog?

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How polite is your dog?

Even if they haven't mastered covering their mouth when they burp - they might still have great potential. For what, you ask? How about a therapy dog!

Therapy dogs are used in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and disaster areas.
They are there to provide affection and comfort to anyone who wants it.

Therapy Dogs Also known as Animal Assisted Therapy, and Pet Therapy, the service these animals provide is invaluable to countless numbers of people.

Calm yet friendly; eager to meet new people; not startled by sudden noises; obey commands; well groomed; OK with being left alone?

If this sounds like you and your dog, you're probably both great candidates to become more involved in animal assisted therapy!

There are local, national and international associations that you can be involved with if you choose. Their purpose is to register and train both you and your animal, and they can assist with placing you in needed areas. Some use the American Kennel Club's (AKC) "Canine Good Citizen" test to evaluate your dogs' manners.

Therapy Dogs on YouTube - have a look.

Cyber Fiber computer smilie

OATUS - you need to seriously CUWTA and have a GSOH about it!

No idea how to read the line above?

Then check out NetLingo - a website devoted to internet acronyms and text messaging shorthand.

(By the way - the sentence reads:)

"On a totally unrelated subject, you need to seriously catch up with the acronyms and have a good sense of humor about it!"

(That's All, Folks!)

Especially for our Advertising Members

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Immune Enhancing ~ Natural Ingredients ~ Money Back Guarantee

                       It doesn't get much better than that!

Great for your pets & a great source of income for established breeders.

Make your pet's health a top priority - read more about the NuVet Plus Products.

On another note - Seller Beware:
Though we have mentioned this before, this subject is something that I consider very important to help our pet selling members protect themselves from scammers. When you accept payment for a pet, you may want to consider cash only or certified funds, or money order from a recognized source (such as postal money order). Too often we hear of stories about checks that have payment cancelled or NSF. Also, if you accept PayPal and the buyer puts in a claim against the seller, the seller can have their account frozen and may find it extremely difficult and time consumming to get the situation resolved satisfactorily, if at all. Once that pet has left your possession, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get it back. So, make sure the payment you accept is good before you let the pet out of your possession.


Pure bred cats? Absolutely! They are as varied, amazing, unique, and gorgeous as you can imagine. Each month we'll tell you a bit about one of these lovely creatures.

Savannah: a breed with a wild side !
savannah cat
In 1986 a Serval (an African wild cat) was crossed with a domestic cat and the first Savannah cat was born. Even with their tall, slender build, they tend to be larger in size than many other breeds. They have the inquistiveness of a small child, the loyalty of a dog, and are able to leap tall buildings in a single bound (not really, but 8' up isn't unheard of!).

Albert Schweitzer:

"There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life:  music and cats"

Animal Trivia Answer:   Fang (aka Agent K-13)

Maxwell Smart and Fang

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