Got a Dog Show in Your Future? July, 2008

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Foghorn Leghorn

Animal Trivia: What's the name of the dog in the Foghorn Leghorn Looney Tunes cartoons?

(Go to the end of the newsletter for the answer!)

Got a Dog Show in Your Future?

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Looking for something interesting to do this weekend? Why not attend a dog show?

Westminster dog show Many of you have seen the famed Westminster Dog Show on television, but there are actually many different types of dog shows.

The Westminster type of show is called a conformation - this is where a dog is judged on how well it conforms to a specific set of standards. The three types of conformation shows are "all-breed", "specialty", and "group".

Agility trials - this is a sport where dogs are led through an obstacle course. This calendar of events can help you find one in your area.

Obedience trials - a sport that showcases a dog and human working in perfect harmony as a team, by completing a series of obedience exercises.

herding trials Field trials - sometimes called "Working Trials" and "Hunting Trials"- these are events designed to preserve and showcase the breed's original purpose; for example - retrieving game.

Herding trials - these are similar to field trials in that they are intended to preserve the originial purpose of the breed - in this case, the purpose is obvioulsy centered around herding. Find herding events here.

agility trialsRally - also called Rally-O and Rally Obedience - this is a sport that is designed to take the dog and handler around a course. At stations on the course they perform a specified task - such as "back up 3 steps".

Dog show etiquette and tips:  wear really comfortable shoes - ask before you pet a dog - leave your own dog at home - keep food away from where the dogs are being shown - wait until after the show or trial to talk to the handlers - sometimes bringing your own chair to outdoor events is a good thing!

Cyber Fiber galaxy on Google Earth

Free stuff is great - right?
But how do you know what's safe to download onto your computer?

Google has a nice batch of free tools and software that you might
want to check out. And yes, they're safe.

Some of these are just for fun - like their Photos Screensaver. Google Earth is just plain interesting. While others are truly useful - for example, Skype offers free voice and video calls to anyone else using Skype.

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Flint River Ranch

I don't normally endorse products. However, over the years I have learned a lot about nutrition - and I'm convinced that "we are what we eat" - and that this is also true for our animals.

Better nutrition = better health = a longer, more comfortable life !

Flint River Ranch pet food is truly better nutrition for your pets.

Made from very high quality ingredients - this premium food is superior.

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Pure bred cats? Absolutely! They are as varied, amazing, unique, and gorgeous as you can imagine. Each month we'll tell you a bit about one of these lovely creatures.

Bengal: This is a breed of cat that's apt to take a swim with you! 

bengal cat
The bengal breed started in 1963 as a cross between the leopard cat of southern Asia and a domestic cat. They can have spotted or marbled coats - and claim to be the only breed that has a "glitter" quality to their coats. Energetic and playful, this is a breed that probably won't hide from company.

This summer olympics training video says it all! (Even better with your sound on).

Mark Twain: "If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve man,
                      but it would deteriorate the cat."

Animal Trivia Answer:   Barnyard Dog

Foghorn Leghorn and Barnyard Dog

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