Got Spam and Scam?
October, 2007

Table of Contents:

1. Dean's Welcome Notes
2. Resources For You and Your Pets
3. Got Watermarks?
4. Tips On Advertising Your Business
5. Notes For This Month

1. Dean's Welcome Notes

Greetings to each of you. Fall is here and we are beginning to approach one of the busiest times of year for pet sales. I'd like to thank all of you who have referred so many new advertising members to and (Remember, we give you special compensation for full year referrals -- call for details.) It is so gratifying to know that our service is working so well for our members. We are trying even harder to "get it done right" for you. We recently started a pay-per-click campaign with sponsored ads on Yahoo! and are already finding a significant increase in traffic to the site. Increased traffic means more ad views for you, our advertising members. We are exploring other opportunities to increase traffic because of our commitment to continue making work better all the time. Let us know how we're doing.

Best regards,

Dean Hamill

2. Resources For You and Your Pets

Pet Nutrition

After the tainted pet food scare of recent months, I thought it prudent to look for pet food manufacturers that use only the highest quality ingredients and product quality control. Though there are many reputable manufacturers, I have chosen to affiliate with Flint River Ranch pet food company. They have outstanding quality products that can truly benefit the health of your animals.

There is ample scientific evidence that proper nutrition enhances your pet's health, performance, and longevity. Over-processing and chemical additives destroy much of the nutritional value of pet and human foods. Flint River Ranch Super Premium Health Food For Pets is formulated to help your pet heal holistically through properly balanced nutrition and has been called the next best thing to home-cooked meals.

Read about the truly outstanding benefits of the Flint River Ranch pet foods.

Dog and cat breeders - would you like to create an additional profit center as a Flint River Ranch distributor? There is no inventory to handle, only profit to be made. Contact me for more details about how you can increase the profitablity of your breeding business.

3. Got Spam and Scam?

Finally, the press is giving attention to the online scammers!

We are starting to read, see and hear news articles in the media that warn people about the huge problem of people bilking online sellers out of millions of dollars annually. and has been able to eliminate almost all scam email by installing a special program that rejects site visitors from outside the US and Canada. Most scammers do their dirty work outside of North America. So, refusing their entry into your ads protects you from their bothersome communications. Unfortunately, we can't eliminate all of them. But it appears we are about 95% successful. For more details about scammers and what to watch out for, go to, a comprehensive website created by a national non-profit organization to help combat online fraud. was receiving hundreds of scam emails each day. So, we changed our email address. You can email us from the Contact Us page of Or, call us and we'll give you our email address over the phone.

4. Tips On Advertising Your Business

Do you breed more than one type of dog or cat? If you change breeds in your ads, be sure to tell us so we can update the links to the correct breed directory pages. Email or call us with the following information:

1) Your name
2) Your ad number (you'll find that under your account information)
3) The name of the breed(s) you removed from the ad
4) The name of the breed(s) newly entered into the ad

Also, make sure you change photos in your ad to match the correct breed. It looks a bit confusing, to say the least, when someone is advertising Beagles and has Collie pictures in the ad.

5. Notes For This Month

Reader comments

We received some excellent advice from Virginia Mannino of Atlantis Cats. Addressing the importance of good photos in ads, she shared the following ideas.

"I see a LOT of other breeders that have nice cats, but they fail to sell them because of terrible photos. I find if you match the color of the eyes to the background you get a better shot. Interesting backgrounds make better shots, too. Nothing more than flowers from the garden and some ribbons. Also, keeping photos up to date with the growth. I have more people buy kittens from the early baby pictures. And they enjoy watching them grow until they can be shipped."

How are we doing?

If you need to call us, please do so at:

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We'd be pleased to hear from you. Are there questions you'd like to have answered in this newsletter? How about sharing a great advertising tip with our readers?

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