Got Watermarks?
July, 2007

Table of Contents:

1. Dean's Welcome Notes
2. Resources For You and Your Pets
3. Got Watermarks?
4. Tips On Advertising Your Business
5. Notes For This Month

1. Dean's Welcome Notes

Greetings to you all. It's summer time and the gas prices are high. This is the fourth year in a row I have watched gasoline prices climb rapidly in the late Spring. Then, I've seen the pet sales drop off. It has become obvious to me that people start thinking they need to "feed their cars and trucks" rather than take on a new pet that needs to be fed. But, eventually, things adjust and people get back to their old buying habits. So, if you are concerned about the pet market, take heart. Every year in the past we have seen a good recovery.

Best regards and thank you for choosing and,


2. Resources For You and Your Pets

Our new online store with products for your pets has helped many people obtain quality products at very fair prices! Take a look around BreedersClubShop and choose from hundreds of items from beds to toys to training aids, even pet health care items.

3. Got Watermarks?

Watermark your pictures - prevent photo theft.

Many of you have noticed that scammers will use photos of pets that don't belong to them to advertise. It is fairly easy to prevent others from using your ads on other sites. Simply watermark them. Any decent photo editing program will allow you to enter a see-through text over an image. This practice helps protect your photos from being ripped off and placed in other people's ads. Our policy at BCN requires that all photos posted to ads must be owned by the advertiser. We are over 99% effective in preventing scammers from advertising on BCN.

Here's a quick tutorial on watermarking for Photoshop users.

And, here's on online watermarking program from Pixelrig, and a downloadable freeware program for watermarking pictures from PictureShark.

(DISCLAIMER: The above information in this paragraph is not a recommendation. You should be extremely cautious about downloading and installing any program from the World Wide Web. and its affiliates accept no responsibility for any damage to any electronic device resulting from the downloading and installation of any program referred to in this newsletter.)

4. Tips On Advertising Your Business

Website Hosting Summer Special - Did you know we host websites for our members for a very reasonable annual fee? Right now, we are offering a significant discount to those who may be interested in our super hosting services. This is full, no-holds-barred web hosting. We don't have a bunch of add ons and upgrades that make you spend more every time you turn around. Call us for the complete details.

5. Notes For This Month

Domain Name Ripoffs - Do you have a domain name for your website? Do you know where it is registered? Do you know how much you pay each year for the use of your domain name? WARNING: there are companies out there who will contact you with very official looking paper work claiming you need to renew your domain name with them. BE CAREFUL. Don't send anyone your money until you have verified that they are the actual company you are registered with.

Updated Member Website Tutorial - As most of you know, full-year Advantage Members are allowed to build their own websites, up to 25 pages, in our WebUMake module. I have completely updated the tutorial so that creating your own website is now much easier than it was previously. Even those of you have previously created websites may wish to give it a try. Enter the Tutorial !

How are we doing?

We always enjoy hearing from our advertising members. It is especially helpful to us when our members tell us about any problems or frustrations they are encountering. Remember, we have customer service. So, feel free to contact us if you need help.

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We are passionate about our business and always appreciate referrals.
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