Got Photos?
December, 2006

Table of Contents:

1. Dean's Welcome Notes
2. Got Photos?
3. Resources For You and Your Pets
4. Tips On Advertising Your Business
5. Notes For This Month

1. Dean's Welcome Notes

Greetings to you all.

Thanks to all of those who email and call us with compliments about our service. I founded and, more recently, with the hope that I could help dog and cat breeders reduce their advertising expenses while, at the same time, providing much broader exposure in the marketplace. Many of you have commented that you no longer advertise in newspapers, or have dramatically reduced such expenses. That fact makes me very happy.

I am always seeking for ways to improve our service to you. If you have comments or suggestions, please be sure to let me know. You may email me directly.

Welcome, Kim. Recently, my assistant for the past year, Jennifer, left to attend college as a full-time student. I have been very fortunate to find an excellent replacement in Kim. She is continuing the tradition of "going the second mile" in customer service. So, we welcome you, Kim.

2. Got Photos?

Did you know that advertising with pictures can increase ad response by up to five times over those ads without pictures? When people are looking to purchase something, "a picture says a thousand words". Let me encourage those of you who have not posted pictures into your ad(s) to take advantage of this very powerful and free feature of our classified ads module. You may have up to eight pictures per ad, each with its own caption of more than 50 words. This is ideal for those who wish to market individual pups or kittens with specific information for each one.

If you have any difficulty uploading pictures into your ad, please contact us. There is always a solution and we can help you find it.

Here is some advice for helping you learn to take better photographs of your animals.

Nick Kelsh wrote a nice 14 point article on taking better photos of your pets.  His top three pieces of advice were to 1)  use natural light with no flash,  2)  fill the entire frame with the animal and 3) take lots of pictures and "increase your luck factor". You can read his article here.

Another interesting article, by Peter Bargh, says that the three main things to pay attention to are composition, focusing and exposure. While these are principally the same issues as Mr. Kelsh discussed, there are some before and after photos in this article that are worth taking a look at - and he offers additional advice for those using non-digital cameras.  Read this whole article.

The main points of pet photography are once again emphasized in semi-scholarly article by Jerry Rice, titled "Photographing Dogs". He says "Strong subject matter, focusing attention upon the subject, and then simplifying the picture by eliminating what's unnecessary and retaining what is indeed necessary".  From humorous and whimsical, to the classic action shot, this article is filled with good technique advice and excellent photographs. Read the Photographing Dogs article here.

3. Resources For You and Your Pets

Discounted Products for Your Pets

Looking for good deals on products for your pets?  We may have what you are looking for at BreedersClubShop. Take a look around our new online store and choose from hundreds of items from beds to toys to training aids, even pet health care items.

4. Tips On Advertising Your Business

Update your ad to make the information current. Each ad shows the last date it was modified underneath the picture at the top of the ad. Potential buyers may hesitate to call or email you if they see the ad is out of date.

Check on your ad termination date. Log on to your account. On your account page, you will see a list of your ads. To the right of the ad name you will see several columns, one of which is the expiration date. If your ad is approaching its final days, you may want to contact us. We attempt to contact all those who are approaching the ending date, but sometimes we miss.

Check your breed line - it should have only the breed name. For dogs, you may add the words "dogs, puppies for sale" or "stud service" if those apply. For cats, you may add the words "cats, kittens for sale." Those terms help with site optimization which is important for us to be found with the search engines. Please do not include any other information in the breed line.

5. Notes For This Month

Forgotten user codes?

Email us and we'll get them to you pronto. Be sure to identify yourself with more than your email address. It helps us to know your first and last name, city and state. Yes, we actually do have many breeders who advertise with us that have the same name. Email my assistant Linda, in Oklahoma. Or, email my assistant Kim in my office in Oregon. Please email only one of them. Both of these wonderful people are ready, willing and able to help you.

New Phone Number

If you need to call us, please do so at:

Main office in Oregon, Kim - (541) 997-0131

Ads Manager in Oklahoma, Linda - (405) 634-7551

In an effort to reduce costs and keep your fees low, the toll free number we used to provide will soon be terminated.

We'd be pleased to hear from you. Are there questions you'd like to have answered in this newsletter? How about sharing a great advertising tip with our readers?

We are passionate about our business and always appreciate referrals.
Please share or forward this to friends, colleagues, and animal lovers.

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