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Added: 07/06/2018  |  Updated:07/06/2018
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Moyen (Klein) Poodle... medium sized between miniature and standard.

Young adult (4 years) female klein/moyen Poodle. Patsy has had two litters... numbering 10 and 9 pups. Throws parti, silver and chocolate.) Easy whelper. Excellent mother. Pat is around 18 inches and weighs 30 pounds. She is an easy keeper and gets along well with other dogs. Has always been a house dog and is NOT available to a kennel. Crate trained but will jump out of 3' x-pen when she wants. Well behaved... groomer loves her! Patsy has never been around children or small animals. Discount if going to a non breeding home. Will be spayed BEFORE she leaves. CKC registered.



Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, breeding male

Boon has been a huge part of my breeding program for years. At 7 years he is 40 pounds and in good health. He is a true sweetheart who loves attention and asks for it very nicely.. and takes "no" for an answer without pouting. He is good in the house (where he's always lived) although he will occasionally lift his leg. Doesn't get on the furniture... his choice... and stays out of the garbage can. Rides nicely in the car and is a gentleman at the groomer and the vet. He gets along with female dogs (ignores them unless they are in heat) but IS a Terrier and doesn't like males. Boon is a persistent but not aggressive breeder. He throws great coats, good structure, health and temperament. Expen and crate trained. NOT a big barker, but will sound the alarm. Boon has never been around children and is not available to a home with kids or small animals. Discounted to a pet home and will be neutered before he leaves.

No kennels.


Miniature Whoodle female (Poodle/Wheaten Terrier cross) first generation

Zuri is the daughter of a purebred Wheaten Terrier mom and a miniature Poodle dad. This wonderfully sweet and smart girl was intended to be an integral part of my Whoodle breeding program. At 3 years old she is 22-23 pounds and true miniature size. She has always enjoyed excellent health. Although she loves attention and asks for it very nicely, she has always been the youngest dog here and at the bottom of the pecking order... a spot she has accepted cheerfully. She is terrific in the house and well behaved in the yard... no digging or climbing and very little barking. (Bear in mind, I live out in the country, so not much to sound off about!) Zuri doesn't get on the furniture... her choice... and rides nicely in the car. She is good with the groomer and the vet. She gets along with everyone here, patiently waiting her turn at a food bowl, for attention or to go for a ride. Ex-pen and crate trained. Zuri has not yet been bred, something I regret because I think she'll have spectacular pups in a variety of colors. She has always been a house dog, so NO KENNELS.

Price reduced if sold as pet. Will be spayed before leaving.

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